Enhancing Your Countertops with a Unique Counter Edge Profile

Sleek modern kitchen in Atlanta GAMarble and granite countertops are available in a variety of colors and unique characteristics. But there is an additional choice to consider, one that can add yet another unique element to your kitchen’s visual appeal.

Step back and look at your current countertops, focusing on its edge. Is it ornate, or smooth? Are the edges round or squared? Does the edge enhance the counter and add texture and interest? Choosing the right counter edge profile affects the overall aesthetic of the room, and enhances the beauty of the stone. A professional in kitchen counter design in Atlanta can provide suggestions for what edge looks best with your kitchen’s layout, lighting, and cabinetry.

The edge profiles listed below offer different visual aesthetics. Some are easier to clean, such as those with rounded edges. Some have sharper, squared edges and corners, which may not work well in environments with children, elderly, or disabled family members.

Standard Eased Edge

This is a simple countertop edge, and one of the most common. It adapts well with a variety of kitchen and bath styles from modern to traditional, and enhances the minimalistic or modern interior equally well. Eased edges work great in smaller kitchens because they don’t consume as much space and they make the space appear larger.


Beveled edges add detail, with flat, angular corners cut at a 45-degree angle. They are well-suited for bathrooms. The smaller the bevel is, the more formal the appearance. There are three different types of bevel edges:

  • Single beveled edge
  • 1/4” beveled edge
  • 1/2” beveled edge


The bullnose edge is rounded on the top, and flat on the bottom. This edge profile is popular among homeowners because it is perfect for a modern kitchen design, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall design. There are no sharp edges or angles to worry about, and they are easy to keep clean. There are two types of Bullnose edges:

  • 1/2” Bullnose
  • Full Bullnose


Stylish kitchen in Atlanta GAThis elegant edge is characterized by a flat top that eases into a large groove, and then rounds out again at the bottom. It works best in large kitchens, because it takes up more space. It is unique, adds dimension, and is the choice for those creating a high end kitchen.

  • French ogee is a more elaborate version of the ogee edge, and is also known as a French cove edge. It is beautiful in larger bathrooms, creating an elegant design element to the decor.

Consider Functionality

The edge profile also affects your kitchen’s overall functionality, so it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each style.

  • Sharp edges present hazards for injury to young ones or those who have mobility issues.
  • Square countertops and edges are more susceptible to chipping and cracking, especially around appliance cutouts.
  • Some edge styles are easier to clean than others. Ornate edges like ogee or French ogee may be more difficult to keep clean.

Visit a local store that specializes in kitchen counter design in Atlanta to visually compare the variety of available counter edge profiles. Choose one that not only enhances your countertops, but also offers the functionality that meets your family’s needs.

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