Maintaining Your New Quartz Countertops

Modern kitchen in Alpharetta GAMany homeowners choose to have quartz or granite composite countertops in Atlanta installed because the countertops look great and they’re durable. As durable as they may be, it’s still important to be careful with them and take the necessary steps to ensure that the counters stay in great condition and look their best for as long as possible. Follow these steps to care for your counters. 

Quickly Clean Up Spills

Although the counters resist stains, it’s a good idea to clean up spills right away. Don’t take the chance of a stain ruining the look of your counters. Some of the beverages that are most likely to cause staining on the counters are fruit juices, tea, coffee, and wine. Pay attention to the counters when pouring drinks or serving food, and clean up spills as soon as possible to protect the counters.

Use the Right Cleaning Equipment

In some cases, all you need to clean the counters is water and a soft paper towel. When cleaning up light stains, use a soft rag and a mild detergent. Make sure that the detergent doesn’t contain bleach and is non-abrasive. For heavy stains, spray a surface cleaner on it and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, use a non-abrasive sponge to wipe it off. If there’s ink or permanent marker on the counter, choose an oil-based cleaner, such as Goo Gone, to remove them. Also, use a putty knife rather than a knife to remove gum, grease, or paint. Knives can scratch the surface.

Place Hot Pads Under Pans

Although the counters can handle up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the quick change from cold to hot causes thermal shock that can damage your counter. Instead, use hot pads or trivets under your hot pans, electric skillets, crock pots, and other hot small appliances.

Avoid Pressure or Force

Applying pressure or force on the counters leads to chips in the stone. Since quartz is so strong, it withstands great pressure and force on it. This is great when it comes to transporting and installing it; however, if there is too much pressure applied to it, it will break over time. Try to avoid applying pressure or force to the counter to prevent damage to it.

Veggies on cutting board in Alpharetta GA

Get a Cutting Board

When you’re in a hurry, you may find yourself grabbing a knife to quickly cut a tomato to add to your salad or meat for your children. Don’t do it! Cutting directly on the counters could lead to scratches and other damage. Instead of chopping and slicing on the counter, get a cutting board that you can use. Make sure that you use it every time in order to protect the counters and prevent damage to it.

Installing quartz or granite countertops in Alpharetta is a great addition to make to any kitchen or bathroom, but it’s important to know how to care for it. By following these steps and tips, your counters will look their best and resist stains and other damage. If you have any other questions about how to care for your counters, it’s helpful to speak to the installers or manufacturers to discover specific directions for your counters.

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