The Advantages of Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks

Designing your kitchen can be an exciting process. Each new addition contributes to a beautiful, functional room that is the entertainment center of nearly every home. Every step of the design process, from selecting a refrigerator to choosing your flooring material, introduces a new set of enticing choices for you to consider.

If any of these choices are essential to how useful, attractive, and sociable your kitchen can be, it is the sink you choose. What is often an afterthought or hidden feature in plain kitchens is capable of standing out as a central, gorgeous feature that brings the room together. It is where cooking and dining should begin and end, after all. It is where you hide your messes and welcome your guests with a perfect centerpiece. But what type of sink is best? Design experts that specialize in Alpharetta granite kitchens have several strong reasons why you should only consider installing a granite composite sink.

What Is a Granite Composite Kitchen Sink?

Granite composite sinks are made of a compact-construction material formed of 80% granite and 20% acrylic resin, an extra-durable and temperature-resistant additive that makes for a sink that resembles granite but with extra fortification to handle the abuse sink bowls receive.

They are usually available as undermount sinks, which appear sunken below the countertop and do not have a top rim over the counter, because of the modern and clean appearance these offer.

So why should you consider this specific type of sink over the wide variety of options on the market today?


Even an industrial-sized granite composite sink can be within the price range of $250 to $550, according to the home design experts at Houzz magazine. This means that a smaller sink can be in the lower end of that price range. Though there are certainly cheaper options out there, the extreme durability and natural granite beauty of a granite composite sink makes it worth far more than you will actually end up paying.


Speaking of their durability, granite composite kitchen sinks are famously strong. They are highly resistant to the most common problems plaguing home kitchen sinks, including:

  • Scratches
  • Stains
  • Chips
  • Acid wear
  • Fading
  • Heat warping

The kitchen fixture and appliance experts at Moen even labeled granite composite sinks as the most durable ones you can buy. With the sink’s ability to resist up to 535 degrees of direct heat, it is easy to see why.

Easy Maintenance

Granite composite sinks are easy to maintain. They practically take care of themselves! Simply wash the sink daily with a soapy brush, wipe it dry with a cloth, and avoid abrasive scrapers. That is all it takes to keep a composite sink clean, stain-free, and scratch-free. Best of all, you do not need chemical cleaners like polish or bleach to keep the sink clean. These sinks are sustainable as well as beautiful.

While your choice of paint color or cabinetry stain does not directly affect the functionality or lasting beauty of your kitchen, your choice of sink is integral to the lifespan of your kitchen. Remember that a granite composite sink is a beautiful feature, the best value, the most durable sink, and the easiest-to-maintain option for your home kitchen.

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