5 Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen Island with Granite

If your kitchen is getting a little boring, or you’re in the midst of a remodel, you should consider using granite for your kitchen island. Granite has many benefits such as durability, heat resistance, and versatility, and there are a lot of ways granite can be used in a kitchen. Here are five of the most common ways you can use granite to enhance your kitchen island.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are quickly becoming the most popular countertop choice. They are loved because of their ability to resist stains, chips, and damage, and because they are heat resistant. A composite granite sink can also be a great option, because it combines the strengths of a few different materials to make a durable sink. Using granite countertops on the island on your kitchen is a great way to tie different kitchen colors together, or to make a statement area in your kitchen. Installing granite countertops on your island that are a different color than other countertops around your kitchen can add variety and style to a kitchen.

Granite Sink

Along with granite countertops, granite sinks are also gaining popularity. Granite sinks have all of the same benefits that granite countertops do. A lot of homeowners love granite sinks because of the continuity between a granite countertop and the sink. If you don’t have a sink in your kitchen’s island, consider installing one. Island sinks can make it easier to entertain guests and clean the kitchen.

Granite Backsplash

Another great way to use granite in your kitchen is to install a granite backsplash. Granite is easy to clean and comes in many different colors and grains, which makes it easy to match to various styles. These backsplashes can also come in many different sizing options, so the backsplash can have large granite tiles, or small granite tiles. Single-level islands may not have a backsplash to begin with, but islands that include an eating or sitting area are often double-leveled with a backsplash.

Granite Medallion

A lot of people haven’t heard of granite medallions, but they are a great way to spruce up the design of an area, including the kitchen. Granite medallions are essentially granite mosaics. Very small pieces of granite are cut and placed into a larger granite tile, so it can be installed as one piece. Using a granite medallion as an island countertop, or installing it in the center of an island, can add flair and character to your kitchen.

Granite Tiling

What’s around the island in your kitchen is just as important as what’s on top of it. Granite tiling is very common in kitchens because of its classic and chic look. Granite tiling also possesses benefits such as durability, water resistance, and resistance to chipping and damage. Granite tiling can be a great way to accent granite countertops.

Granite can be used in many different ways to spruce up your kitchen’s island. Installing granite countertops, a granite sink, or granite backsplash can add style and attractiveness to your kitchen. Using a granite medallion on your island, or laying granite tiling in the kitchen, can also be great ways to enhance your kitchen’s island.

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