How to Keep Your Countertop Stainless and Germ-Free

When homeowners upgrade their kitchens, choosing new countertops are at the top of the to-do list. Granite has been a popular choice for several years. Granite lends an elegant touch to even the simplest kitchen make-over. Learn how to clean your granite countertops, so they not only sparkle and shine, but remain free of germs. If you have questions, talk to a specialist who understands granite countertops in Milton before making a final decision

Is the Granite Sealed?

Before applying any cleaner to granite composite countertops, it’s important to make sure they’ve been sealed. Granite is a hard material but it’s still porous. This means if sealant hasn’t been applied, any liquids or oils can be absorbed. To check whether your granite is sealed, place a few drops of water on the surface. If it beads up, your seal is secure. If the water soaks into the granite, it’s time to reseal.

Soap and Water First

Since you use your kitchen countertops every day for a variety of tasks, you’ll want a simple method of cleaning. For daily clean-up, use warm soapy water applied with a textured cloth. A microfiber cloth works great! You can’t get any easier than soap and water to clean food spills and debris.

Granite Doesn’t Like Abrasive Treatment

Never use a cloth or sponge with a rough texture. Stay away from steel wool and scouring pads. Avoid acidic cleaners, like vinegar, lemon, or lime. Don’t use bleach or ammonia. These are all harsh cleaners that will dissolve the sealant.

Keep Granite Bacteria-free

Did you know that if your granite composite countertop is well-sealed, you don’t need to give bacteria much thought? Bacteria have a hard time breaking through the seal. That means hot water and mild soap are fine for daily cleaning. If you want something stronger, for example, after you’ve worked with raw chicken, you can make your own solution. Mix water and 91% isopropyl alcohol and spray the granite. You should use a 50/50 mixture. Let the solution sit for three to five minutes and rinse with water. It can’t get any easier than that!

Special Granite Cleaners

You can find cleaning solutions made specifically for granite. There are even all-purpose cleaners that claim to be safe for granite. If you feel more comfortable using a cleaner created just for your granite countertops, feel free to purchase it. The beauty of granite is that you don’t need a fancy or expensive cleaner.


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