The Benefits of Choosing Black Granite Countertops

A glass cup of coffee on granite stone tableBlack granite creates a sleek and sophisticated look when fashioned into countertops in Marietta, GA. Keep reading to learn more about this unique stone from the experts at Legacy Granite Countertops.

Modern Beauty

While white granite is currently the most sought-after type of natural, but countertops made of black granite are equally beautiful. Today, many homeowners are adopting the minimalist style for their interior rooms. This style uses simple furniture and pseudo-futuristic decor to create a sleek, modern look. Black granite countertops can help you achieve this look, especially when paired with white cabinets. Break up this monochromatic look with bold accent colors like red or teal appliances or place settings. Change out the colors to reflect the changing seasons or your personality. Either way, this look is very versatile, complementing most existing cabinetry.


The popularity of white granite and marble means that you can find great deals on less popular colors like black. The type of granite you get will also affect the price. Colors like jet black and galaxy black are mined in India, which means shipping will be more expensive compared to South American or African granite. Black granite from Brazil is less expensive by comparison, often with white veins of mica and silver running throughout. Nero black from Zimbabwe is decorated with flecks of white and other colors but it’s general uniform in color, making it perfect for most kitchens and most budgets.


Since granite is porous, it must be sealed on a regular basis to prevent staining and resist bacteria. Unlike white granite or marble, however, black granite is better at hiding stains. While you should be mindful of wine and dark fruit, a few stains won’t show against the black stones. For large families with kids, granite is an excellent choice because it’s durable against scratches and bumps. It’s safe enough to prepare food on and even rest a hot pot on without fear of damaging the surface. Clean your countertops with mild, antibacterial soap and water regularly and seal it once a year to preserve the shine and beauty of your granite countertops in Marietta. Just a little cleaning and attention and your countertops will last a lifetime.

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