How to Coordinate Countertop Color with Floor Tiles

Grapes on plate of modern granite kitchen bar in luxury apartment or restaurantFor any kitchen, color coordination is key to a beautiful overall design. Some might opt for simplicity, but others might tend to look at more striking color palettes. In modern kitchen remodeling, it’s even more critical to choose the right color scheme. The combination must stand the test of time yet still mirror your personal taste and sense of flair. This blog from Legacy Granite Countertops lays out the best way to coordinate countertop colors with your floor tiles.

You must always start with the color of the countertops, since it’s usually the most expensive investment as well as the first thing you see in a kitchen. The following are the things to consider when picking the right flooring that blends with the countertops.


Many people already have a color scheme in mind. This all starts by finding the right shades that contrast the floor and counters. If you’ve chosen granite countertops, consider the variations in color of the slab, and choose colors that create pleasant clash. Many homeowners have a more simplistic idea for a color scheme, like black and white, but other find themselves a bit more adventurous. If you’re interested in more unique colors, then you need to carefully choose your coloring. For example, if you have brown countertops with beige or rust marbling, you should opt for beige or rust flooring. Consult your local granite suppliers in Alpharetta to discuss your options, and have an idea of what you want already in mind.


The next thing to consider is your counter’s finish, such as matte, glossy, or flat. Then, choose the flooring that more closely matches this finish. For granite countertops, which are usually glossy, you can choose flooring with the same kind of texture for that sense of uniformity.

If you need help choosing the granite countertops in Alpharetta to go with your flooring, call the professionals. They will help you achieve the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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