Should You Choose Quartz or Laminate Countertops?

Great countertops make a huge difference in a kitchen and bathroom. When you invest in quality, you get a product that’s more likely to last longer, look better, and give you a better experience every day. 

But which countertops are best for your kitchen and bathrooms? There are two common countertops options that are dominating the market: quartz and laminate. Quartz is famous for resembling real stone, while laminate is a common and affordable alternative. Here’s a simple guide to the pros and cons of each and some advice that can help you arrive at the right decision for your home.

Laminate Pros

Laminate countertops, made of plastic resins and particle board, are cheap to manufacture and install. They’re some of the most affordable countertops you can find, and for that reason are incredibly popular in many new home projects. It’s somewhat heat and stain-resistant and fairly low-maintenance. If you’re remodeling a kitchen on a budget, you might consider ordering laminate from local countertop suppliers.

Laminate Cons

However, what laminate lacks in price it also lacks in quality. It’s highly prone to scratches because the material is so thin. Using cutting boards and other protective layers is a necessity. Also, laminate isn’t resistant to stains. Left to set, even nonacidic foods can stain the surface, and these stains can be very difficult to remove. And while laminate can be made to resemble other materials, such as stone or metal, using a bonded layer of paper, it’s rarely convincing. Laminate simply looks like laminate, which is appropriate for some because of the price and practicality, but it lacks the warmth and charm that homeowners crave.

Quartz Pros

Quartz is an engineered material made from tiny pieces of genuine stone and hardy resin. This combination offers the beauty of natural stone and the durability of resins designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s an extremely strong and scratch-resistant material. It’s made to be nonporous, so it’s also easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily. It’ll never need to be resealed and won’t degrade. Because it’s engineered, quartz can be styled to resemble other materials, such as marble and granite. It’s far more convincing at it, too, especially when compared to materials like laminate.

Quartz Cons

The initial price tag of quartz can put off some people, but quartz happens to offer supreme value. While you pay more for quartz than laminate, quartz simply looks and performs better, and it lasts longer too. Some people may also complain that quartz isn’t real stone like granite or marble. However, quartz is available in many colors and styles thanks to the dyed and patterned resins used to construct these countertops, so they end up looking like the real thing. 

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