The Benefits of Installing Stone Countertops in Your Hotel

If you’re looking to make renovations to your hotel, one of your top considerations is figuring out what kinds of countertops you want installed in all the guest bathrooms. With so many different materials available, you’ll need to choose wisely. Also, since you’re outfitting a bunch of bathrooms all at once, the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of material is magnified. That’s why, when it comes to countertop installation, it’s hard to do better than engineered stone.

Quartz or Engineered Stone?

While it’s often referred to as quartz, engineered stone is a more apt description of this remarkable material. While quartzite is one of the principal ingredients, it’s actually an amalgam of quartzite crystals that are held together by resin. So, while all the materials are completely natural, engineered stone countertops are manufactured and not dug out of a quarry like granite or marble.

A Stunning Look

How your bathrooms look to your customers will have a large impact on whether they choose to book a room with you or if they plan on coming again. Due to its manufactured nature, engineered stone comes in a practically limitless variety of styles and colors. You’ll never have to worry about redesigning the entire look of your hotel because there’s always a stone countertop that’ll match whatever’s already there.

Highly Durable

If installing countertops that will last is important to you (and it should be), then engineered stone is a certified winner. While nearly as hard as granite, engineered stone doesn’t suffer the same faults as a natural material, meaning it’s nearly incapable of cracking or chipping. It’s also resistant to heat, so it’s unlikely to suffer any damage from things such as curling irons.

Very Easy to Clean

Your cleaning staff will thank you for choosing engineered stone because it’s one of the easiest materials to clean. Natural stones, such as marble and granite, are porous, so they have to be sealed and resealed on a regular basis. If the sealing is neglected or poorly applied, material can work its way into the cracks in the surface and breed bacteria. Engineered stone requires no sealing and is completely nonporous. It will never absorb liquids, so cleaning is just a matter of wiping it down with a stone-friendly sponge and a light detergent. Also, due to its nonporous nature, engineered stone will never stain, making it likely to be just as beautiful several years into the future as it was the day it was installed.

Endless Options

If you’re worried that engineered stone isn’t as attractive as granite, then install engineered stone countertops that look like granite. With so many manufacturers competing to make engineered stone countertops, you can have countertops that resemble marble, sandstone, or whatever material you can think of, and in all kinds of colors and shades.

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