Various Types of Granite Countertop Finishes Explained

A granite countertop is a great way to add luxury and uniqueness to your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor area. There are various aspects that need to be considered when choosing the right countertop to be installed. Once you’ve chosen your countertop slab and your edge profile, you need to choose the type of finish that you desire. This is an important decision as it provides the stone its own unique texture and appearance. Three types of finishes that you have to choose from are polished, honed, and rough. Each of these finishes has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is some more information on three types of finishes for your granite countertop.

Polished Finish

The most common type of granite countertop finish is polished. This provides an elegant appearance to the countertop and highlights the color of the stone. The appearance of a polished granite countertop is achieved by grinding heads with progressively finer abrasives. In addition to the luxurious appearance of the countertop, this type of finish is commonly used because it’s easier to maintain than other types of finishes. If the stone becomes dull over a period of time, it can be buffed and polished so that you can regain the original appearance of the finish. This allows you to avoid the need for an expensive repair or replacement.

Honed Finish

A type of granite countertop finish that’s growing in popularity is a honed finish. This type of finish provides a smooth feel but without the shininess of a polished finish. The result is a modern and casual feel while still providing the elegance of granite. As long as the stone is well cared for and maintained, it can last for many years. However, there are positives and negatives to be considered. This type of finish is more likely to show stains than other finishes, though the use of a sealer can help avoid staining and require less maintenance. On the positive side, scratches are less visible with this type of finish than with a polished finish.

Rough Finish

There are several types of rough finishes from which to choose, including brushed, leathered, antiqued, and vintage. Each of these types of finishes is completed differently and provide a slightly different rough appearance. A commonality is that they all bring out the natural character of the stone. A commonly chosen rough finish is a flamed finish. This is completed by exposing the stone to extremely high temperatures and then extreme cooling. This creates a rough and faded appearance. The faded appearance of a rough finish makes it great for outdoor countertops where it will frequently be exposed to impactful elements, such as sunlight.

There are several factors that will have an impact on the appearance of your granite countertops. This includes the stone chosen and the edge profile. No aspect of your countertop will have a bigger impact than the finish. When choosing the finish, you should consider the impact you want the countertop to have and where it will be located. This will help you decide between a polished, honed, or rough finish. Visit Legacy Granite Countertops if you’re looking for granite countertop installation in Marietta, GA. Call us today at 678-867-0100.