Green Granite Countertops to Add Luxury to Your Kitchen

For homeowners in Milton, GA, who wonder how they can add a touch of luxury to the kitchen, green granite is an excellent choice. With names like Peacock, Rainforest, Caribbean, Iguana, and Ubatuba, you know you’ve come across something special. When you select green granite for your countertops, you bring an element of sophistication to your kitchen that’s hard to pull off with plain white. Read more about using green granite in the soul of the home, your kitchen.

Make a Statement

If it’s a statement you want to make, then do it with the bold drama of green granite. Eyes will be drawn to countertops when you choose from the wide range of green colors. Whether you prefer a light or dark shade of green, your kitchen will radiate luxury. Green granite also features various undertones that completely change the look. Undertones include white, beige, or gray. Highlights are another unique feature of green granite. You’ll see aqua, gold, and deep red highlights. This versatile color also comes in a variety of patterns. You may fall in love with a solid green with small variations of gray dots. A pebbled or flecked pattern also makes a stunning countertop. Imagine marbled green granite in your kitchen. It’s a rare pattern and incomparable to any other color. Finally, speckled green granite is accented with mica, quartz, feldspar, and frosted crystals. No matter which color green strikes your fancy, it will bring an interesting element to your home.

A Green Granite for Every Design Style

Are you worried green won’t connect with your unique style? It turns out green works in both formal and casual kitchens. While most people choose it as a counterpoint for the more traditional styles, it’s also a striking addition to kitchens inspired by rustic and country looks. Because green granite is available in bold patterns, it also stands out in Tuscan and Victorian-styled rooms. The key is choosing the appropriate shade of green countertop materials for your style.

The Allure of Ubatuba

Ubatuba might be quarried in Brazil, but you’ll find it when you shop for granite countertops in Milton. Primarily a dark green with flecks of lighter green, black, gold, and brown, Ubatuba granite is so versatile it complements any cabinet color. Some Ubatuba slabs even have white or turquoise flecks. When you see it from a distance, you might think Ubatuba is black. On closer inspection, you’ll see the color isn’t uniform. You’ll notice a variance of light and dark patches of green. Get even more intimate, and you can see flecks of green, yellow minerals. This is a premium grade granite with a reputation for durability. That’s why it’s a common choice for kitchen countertops.

The Color of Nature

If you’ve previously shied away from green countertops, we suggest looking at them through a fresh lens. Green isn’t much of a challenge when you start pulling together your décor. It’s a soothing and tranquil color. That means when you choose green granite, you’ll create an inspiring and inviting ambiance in your kitchen. It’s the color of nature. The earthy shades and the subtle undertones of gray and brown suggest images of plants and trees. Keep in mind when choosing color palettes, each shade of green evokes a different emotion. Green granite adds drama and sophistication. The darker the green, the deeper the drama.

If you’re ready to start your kitchen upgrade, let Legacy Granite Countertops, the premier granite supplier in Milton, offer their expertise. Schedule a consultation today, so you can see our beautiful pieces in person.

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