Preparing Your Kitchen for Granite Countertop Installation

Finished KitchenIf you’re getting ready to install brand new granite countertops in your home, then you’re in for a treat. Granite countertops don’t just look beautiful and stylish, they’re hardy and fairly low-maintenance, especially when compared to other real stone materials like marble or artificial materials like laminate.

But in order to get the best out of your new countertops, the planning and installation processes should go smoothly. If you’re just now gaining interest in new granite countertops, then you may be curious as to how installation will work, what is required, and what you can expect to pay for. This guide can assist you.

If you’ve already discussed granite countertops designs with a professional retailer/installer and are simply waiting for your new countertops to arrive, then pay close attention to this installation guide.

Even if you’ve hired an installation team, you should still prepare your kitchen for granite countertops installation. Some of the work still falls on you if you want the process to go smoothly. Here is a handy checklist to preparing your kitchen for a new set of beautiful, long-lasting granite countertops.

Finalizing Your Order

After you’ve selected the type of granite that you want for your kitchen, granite suppliers may ask you to make some final style details, like choosing an edge profile or opting to install granite backsplash that matches with your countertops.

The installers will then visit your home to measure the surface and will either provide you with pre-fabricated countertops, which are pre-cut to the designated dimensions. You can opt out of this if you want the benefits of a custom surface. For some kitchens with odd layouts, custom countertops are your only option. If so, then the granite supplier will cut and prepare new slabs for installation according to the measurements.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Before you learn what to do next, here’s what you shouldn’t do. First of all, don’t install new cabinetry close to the date your new countertops are set to arrive. All cabinetry must be in place and finalized before new countertops can be installed. Certain surfaces, like white granite countertops, can be damaged if you attempt to stain or paint cabinetry after the new countertops are installed, so make sure that process is completed if you’re interested in new cabinetry at all.

The final step before installation is a templater’s visit. Don’t forget to clean your countertops and clear them of all clutter. A templater, or the person who will be finalizing the dimensions and design of your new countertops, will need a clear surface to work with. Once they arrive, they can answer any questions you may have about the installation process.

Info to Provide

You’ll need to provide the templater with information about faucet holes, sinks, cooktops, etc. They can’t assume which cutouts you want to keep or not, so you’ll need to share this information with them.

Let the templater know about any seams, overhangs, or other details. He or she will finalize this information during their visit. If you’re going to be installing new backsplash, they will return after the countertops are installed to get another final measurement of the walls.

What to Do

Measuring CountersDuring the installation process, expect noise, dust, and foot traffic. Try to clear a walkway from the nearest accessible entryway to the kitchen. You may need to move a portable island or dining table out of the way.

Try to stay present or have another decision-maker over 18 years old on-site during installation. While you can certainly supervise the process, try to stay out of the way of foot traffic, especially while installers are carrying slabs of granite and other heavy materials. Keep your children and pets away from the installation site. They can get in the way and potentially be injured.

Remove all top drawers that contain cutlery, dishes, and anything else you don’t want to get dirty. You should also empty out the cabinets under your sink, cooktop, or any other cutouts. These areas are going to get very dirty, and installers may need to access the counter surface from underneath.

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