Granite Countertop Ideas for Modern Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor KitchenYou love kitchens. You love the outdoors. What could be better than an outdoor kitchen? It might be chilly now, but sooner than you expect, you’re going to be hit with warm summer nights that not only make it more fun to entertain but gives ample reasons to take the cooking outside. When it comes to outdoor kitchens, granite countertops in Johns Creek are the only way to go. Beautiful and durable, granite is made to be outdoors. Literally. Have you ever seen pictures of Yosemite? That’s all granite, and it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Here are some ideas for creating your own little slice of paradise in your backyard.

Single Wall Kitchen

If you’re limited on yard space but still want that outdoor feel, consider a single-wall kitchen. Utilizing a softly colored stone such as a soft gray granite counter complete with grill and placing it on a corner by a single wall by an opening provides easy access to your kitchen. More compact than other type of outdoor spaces, you’ll appreciate the convenience of having the lounge area and all your appliances close at hand.

Keep it Covered

Sometimes all you need is a ceiling. With just a single wall holding a counter and backsplash of elegant granite, you can keep the entirety of your outdoor kitchen under a lovely tiled roof. Sealed granite is resistant to water, but water and wind will have its effects over time. Your covered kitchen will help preserve the granite countertops for years to come.

Curved Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have the luxury of being set in a wide-open plan. If you have the space, there’s no limit to what’s possible, so why not install a kitchen with curved, U-shaped, countertops. The dark veins of Golden Crystal Granite are perfect for creating a rustic yet modern-looking space, while the curves make it easy to whip up a masterful meal while friends and family enjoy some drinks and conversation around the long kitchen counter.

Don’t Lose that View

If you have a view from your yard, use your outdoor to take advantage of it. Constructing a modern, almost mid-century style, kitchen where the chef and the guests can all enjoy looking out is the only way to go. Consider a bright white granite to emphasize the contemporary luxury that only a kitchen-with-a-view can express.

GrillA Corner for the Chef

If you don’t think you have the space for an outdoor kitchen, think again. Just one or two underutilized outdoor walls is all you need for a space to cook and entertain. Granite is available in all sorts of colors, so choose a type of stone that matches and accentuates the look of your exterior walls. Using the wall itself as the basis for your backsplash, you can do all the cooking you want along the side of your house while your guests are seated nearby.

Half of the fun of building an outdoor kitchen is planning it all out. Contact your local experts in granite kitchen countertops in Johns Creek, and they’ll work with you to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Give Legacy Granite Countertops a call to learn your options.