Color Trends 2019: Marble Countertops You Will Love

White marbleMarble countertops will probably never go out of style, but trends still change from year to year. Discover color trends for 2019 and marble countertops that you’ll fall in love with all over again.


Don’t underestimate the classics. White is a perennial favorite, and for good reason. It’s clean, crisp, and works well for a variety of aesthetics and concepts. While you may initially think of white as boring or bland, don’t forget how easy it is to blend it with beige, brown, or gray. White marble with sharply contrasting veining can be tantalizing as well. Whether you want to pair it with something light and floral or contrast it against darker colors, white marble countertops deliver many options and earn few complaints.


Neutral tones are always in demand. If you want an easy way to promote a property, neutral colors are the go-to standard. If you prefer a rustic or nature-inspired motif, neutral colors are the most obvious choice. Whether you’re going ranch-style and want to embrace your inner cowboy, or you prefer that your home fit its mountain location, neutral tones simply can’t be replaced with anything else. This makes neutral colors, such as tan, beige, sand, taupe, camel, or mocha, must-have selections for many homeowners and designers.


Gray can deliver almost as many choices as white. While gray might not deliver the warmth of some other colors, it does fit an industrial or more modern design plan incredibly well. If you like including steel, iron, aluminum, or other metals into your design plans, gray certainly makes sense. Gray also pairs with black or white, and it can even mesh with neutral tones if you’re careful when selecting your shades. If you don’t want the standard classic and rustic living isn’t your preference, gray marble countertops could be the perfect alternative.

Black marbleContrast

Don’t dismiss the power of contrasting colors. Both subtle and bold contrasts are quite popular, and you’ll see it used in several different remodels. Subtle contrasts are less challenging, and many homeowners may lean towards that style even if they don’t realize it. Pairing two different shades of gray or white provides a very mild touch of contrast, but it’s something that can be played with very easily. Sharper contrasts can also be fun. Gray and black, or white and black, are obvious classics, but other choices are just as valid. Don’t be afraid to step a little bit outside of your comfort zone when it comes to using contrasting colors. You may be surprised by how much it resonates with you.


Perhaps the most telltale characteristic of marble is its veining, which offers a wonderful way to play with colors. Gray marble with black veining, or black marble with gray veining, can be mixed and matched. It’s easy to it partner with other colors and textures as part of your kitchen design. The same can be accomplished with white and gray, or beige and tan. Some marble has veins that are stark and obvious, so working it into your chosen style is a bit simpler. Drawing attention to it takes little work. But using less severe veining can be quite effective as well.

When it comes to marble countertops in Roswell, GA, color trends are just the beginning of the adventure. Speak with the experts at Legacy Granite Countertops to learn more.