White Quartz Countertops Add Luxury to Your Kitchen

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury HomeNothing screams luxury like a white kitchen. Since kitchens are where families spend most of their time—and where the food is prepared and eaten—having them decked out in all white can turn any home into a five-star luxe hotel. The question, however, is which type of material is best suited for the countertops in a white kitchen? Here are a few examples of white quartz countertops that’ll make you want to contact Legacy Granite Countertops for quartz countertop installation in Sandy Springs, GA.

White Quartz Island

As you can imagine, one of the main obstacles to a white kitchen is keeping it clean. The most typical material that makes up white countertops is marble. Marble has been the stone of choice for sculptors for thousands of years, so its reputation for beauty is well earned. However, marble is a porous substance that requires regular sealing and cleaning or else it’s liable to stain. Quartz is nonporous and arrives fully sealed. Installing quartz on your kitchen island means it can handle all the heavy work—and regular exposure to meats and sauces—and it will look just as good several years later as the day it was installed.

Island Waterfall

A unique characteristic of quartz is—because it’s manufactured—there are no limits to the looks and colors that are available. For example, when researching new quartz countertops in Sandy Springs, find a piece of white quartz with clear gray veining. Installing a slab like this on the side of your kitchen island gives it a fascinating “waterfall” effect that is both beautiful and unique.

Minimalist White

Quartz affords you the opportunity to choose a white that is as bright and clear as you can imagine. Choosing a countertop with no veining whatsoever can create a striking effect that you can’t really duplicate with any other material. Also, because of quartz’s durable properties, you won’t have to worry about any stains ruining your new all-white countertops.

Soft White

If pure white is too spare and modern for your taste, choose a quartz countertop that has deep gray veins countering the whiteness. This type of countertop is softer, and perhaps more versatile, than a strict white counter, and matches well with gray cabinetry and beige flooring for a look that is at once classic and contemporary.

White Counter Over a Gray Island

Stunning kitchen design with grey cabinets.Choosing a white quartz rich with gray veins matches perfectly with gray island cabinetry, uniting both the island and the counter into a single unifying design. Not only is this an elegant centerpiece to any kitchen, but it pairs perfectly with adjoining rooms that also utilize a gray and white backdrop. Being able to select different shades to match the kitchen and the rest of the house is a unique property that only quartz provides.

Contrasting Patterns

If you have a tile floor or wooden cabinetry that create lines or patterns that can overwhelm a kitchen and create a feeling of monotony, quartz countertops are ideally suited to break up patterns like these. Choosing quartz with varied veining can add a touch of welcome chaos to a room that can otherwise appear too cold and orderly.

A primary advantage of quartz is its endless variety. Contact Legacy Granite Countertops to find the ideal quartz countertops in Sandy Springs to complete your perfect white kitchen today!