The Do’s And Don’ts of Coordinating Kitchen Countertops And Cabinets

Beautiful kitchen countertops can make a simple kitchen into a stunning one. Colorful granite and smooth, polished marble have a simple elegance that’s hard to surpass. But this assumes that your choice of countertops actually matches with the rest of the kitchen. Beautiful countertops that aren’t a good fit can actually make your kitchen look worse.

Thankfully, it’s easy to match your countertops to the rest of the room. Just manipulate your cabinetry, the other large feature in your kitchen. Granite countertops contractors in Roswell, GA, recommend the following do’s and dont’s for coordinating beautiful countertops with your kitchen cabinets.

Do: Find Your Style

Good countertops, like classic granite, can be fairly versatile in terms of style. However, it’s important to choose to design a traditional or contemporary kitchen, then design the cabinets and countertops accordingly.

Traditional kitchen countertops will have a high-gloss finish, and the cabinetry will be framed with decorative knobs and pulls. Contemporary kitchens, meanwhile have honed countertops and frameless cabinets that have hidden pulls. Traditional kitchen materials should have earthy, natural tones. Contemporary kitchens can use bold colors like black or even jewel tones.

Don’t: Rush to Choose Countertops

Cabinetry is easier to change than countertop materials are. You can add or remove trim, change the style, and paint wooden cabinets. However, your choice of countertops is essentially permanent. Take time to consider your many choices, including low-cost granite composite countertops, beautiful marble, durable quartz, and even uniquely patterned quartzite.

Do: Give Countertops the Spotlight

These days, overly fussy and ornamented countertops are considered passe, even if you prefer a more traditional, homey kitchen. Give your countertops the attention they deserve, and instead focus on materials rather than designs when it comes to customizing your cabinetry.

Feature rugged pine, style-versatile maple, long-lasting cherry, or naturally beautiful oak. If you choose to customize your cabinetry, note that you’ll probably need to customize your countertops to suit the unique dimensions you’ve installed. A discount granite counter, for example, will be pre-fabricated and cut into certain dimensions that might not fit your kitchen.

Don’t: Refuse Professional Guidance

Countertops experts can help you design a kitchen that matches beautifully, starting with the perfect countertop selection. First, they will help you assess which type of countertop is right for your lifestyle and tastes. In terms of style, natural stone is the most beautiful and versatile.

Choosing from the different types of natural stone comes down to your budget and lifestyle. Granite is an affordable, detailed natural stone. Marble is often considered more modern, but it’s more expensive and harder to maintain. With one of the highest price tags, quartz is beautiful and easy to customize–perfect for coordinating with your cabinets–and quartz is the most durable, easy to maintain surface.

After choosing a material, a countertops contractor can help you choose the perfect kitchen color scheme for ideal color compatibility and interesting variety. Finally, they can help you find low-cost options for bathroom and entertainment room countertops, to create a beautiful stone motif throughout your home.

If you have more questions about designing a world-class kitchen, visit Legacy Granite Countertops, the premier granite countertops contractors in Roswell, GA.

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