5 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Countertop Options

Eco FriendlyWhen you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen, there are a lot of things you have to consider. How long do you expect your counters to last? How easy are they to clean? How durable should they be? However, it’s also important to determine your new counter’s impact on the environment. As with every other purchase you make, you’ll want to make sure your kitchen countertops are eco-friendly. As you research countertop materials in Duluth, here are 5 of the most eco-friendly options.

1. Recycled Paper

It makes sense that some of the most environmentally friendly materials for countertops are going to come from recycled products. Counters made from recycled paper are some of the best and most eco-friendly options available. Just because they’re made of paper doesn’t mean they aren’t tough. This heat-resistant material may scratch, but the marks won’t show once they’re oiled, and they can always be re-sanded.

2. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is a durable countertop material that can found in practically any type of color and style you want. Resistant to heat as well as scratching, porcelain never has to be sealed. To get the nearly seamless look you’ll want, however, you will require the services of professional tile setter, so that’s an additional cost you’ll have to keep in mind.

3. Natural Stone

Natural stone is exactly that: natural. While they can be mined from energy-intensive processes, attractive and popular materials such as granite, marble, and quartzite should last for years with relatively little maintenance. If properly sealed, natural stone countertops are resistant to heat and are unlikely to stain. Also, just as stone comes in all shades and styles in nature, no two types of natural stone countertops are the same, so you can always find the color and shade you need to match your kitchen.

4. Quartz

Soft close kitchen drawer close up in luxury homePerhaps the most popular type of countertop out there, quartz is made from 95% natural quartz mixed with an epoxy resin. While not completely natural, quartz contains no toxic materials. The uniquemanufactured quality of quartz makes it one of the toughest and most stain resistant materials on the market. Furthermore, it requires no staining whatsoever, so maintaining a quartz countertop is incredibly easy. It also has the added benefit of being available in a nearly endless variety of colors and styles – from bold and bright, to subdued and natural – allowing your new countertop to make a dramatic stylistic addition to your kitchen.

5. Concrete

We used to think of concrete as a material best suited for sidewalks. In fact, there was a time when concrete seemed like a very basic choice as an aesthetic addition to your home. Those days are long gone. Concrete is now an elegant, high-end option that instantly adds an element of sophistication to any kitchen. While available in few colors, and requiring sealing, concrete is comes in beautiful designs and shapes that are you’re unlikely to find in other materials.

There’s no reason you have to sacrifice the environment to find the kitchen countertops of your dreams. Take the time to research new construction countertops in Duluth, GA, to find the eco-friendly countertops material that works best for you. Contact Legacy Granite Countertops to learn more!