A Guide to Choosing the Best White Marble Countertops

Narrowing down your choices for countertops is one of the toughest and most important decisions when remodeling or renovating a kitchen or bathroom. Marble is a timeless option for countertops, so naturally it’s something that many homeowners consider. As a classic and enduring material, it’s fantastically popular. Provided that you seal and protect your marble countertops, they should be able to last for decades.

But finalizing a material isn’t the only step in the process. You also need to settle on a color. For many homeowners, white marble is the obvious choice, especially for kitchens or bathrooms. White marble looks clean, crisp, and refined. It also benefits from being able to easily blend with a variety of different decorative themes. Of course, not all white marble countertops are the same. Fortunately, with a little bit of help, you should be able to find the best countertops for your home.

Choosing Your Marble Slab

Slabs can vary drastically, even if they were harvested from the same quarry. The veining, texture, and overall character tend to be fairly distinct from one slab to the next. The shading and color variations may not be immediately obvious, but tend to be much more evident when placed side-by-side. These quirks give marble its incredible uniqueness and beauty, but they can make selecting the right slab challenging. Be sure to spend some time carefully looking over each slab. There’s no need to rush the process. You’re going to be looking at your marble countertops every day, so you really need to be happy with the final choice.

Trends and availability greatly impact the price of marble. That shouldn’t be too surprising, but it’s something to keep in mind. When it comes to marble, more expensive doesn’t automatically mean better. It may simply indicate that a particular type of marble is highly in demand or that it’s currently in short supply. Focus on your personal aesthetic, and you’re likely to be much happier with the results. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a fairly solid picture of what you want for your kitchen or bathroom before looking at slabs. You’re certainly free to change your mind, but you’re less likely to be affected by trends or a high-pressure sales pitch if you have a reasonably clear concept from the very beginning.

Shopping for Marble

With a spectacular countertop, you’ll be much happier in your bathroom or kitchen. Whether you’re lounging after a long day or preparing a fabulous meal, having countertops that you truly love simply puts you in a better mood. Once your heart is set on marble, it’s difficult to change your mind. But there’s no need to be hasty. Prices can change and new shipments arrive all the time. It’s never a bad idea to shop around.

Luckily, white marble countertops in Marietta, GA, provide an impressively wide array of options. There’s no need to settle on your first or even fifteenth slab. Be patient and stay open to new offerings. Your countertops are a part of your home, so you need to be more than merely satisfied with them. If you require assistance or advice, speak with the professionals at Legacy Granite Countertops.


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