The Unknown Facts about Quartz Counter Tops

If you have seen any quartz counter tops in Milton, you already know how beautiful they can be. Quartz counter tops create a kitchen that carries with it the weight of dignity and strength. While they are a positive addition to any home, they also have an air of mystery attached to them. Is quartz right for your home? Check out the facts and decide for yourself.

Cost of a Counter Top

Quartz isn’t the cheapest of materials. While it’s more expensive than laminates or solid surface materials, it’s about the same price as granite. Over the course of its life, it adjusts out to be cheaper than marble. Depending the type of quartz you choose, you could be looking at between $50 and $150 a square foot.

Get a Specialist

If you’re going to invest in quartz, it’s best to get a professional to install it. Box stores might offer a little bit of a discount, but you’ll get less choice in materials. Worse, you might get someone who’ll install the quartz in a less than optimal way.

That’s Not Natural

Quartz counter tops are about 93 percent quartz. The rest is made from resins, polymers, and colors. Not only does that mean quartz counter tops are made to be flawless, but it also means that they are almost maintenance free. A little soap and water are generally all you need to keep them clean and take care of them.

In-Home Trial

Because quartz counter tops in Milton are made to be flawless, you can have an in-home consultation. By bringing in your preferred quartz counter tops, you can see how the colors interact with your home’s light. Something that looked good in a showroom might not look as good in your home. For example, a quartz counter top that looked like white marble might look yellow under the light at your house. Once you know what the best quartz for your home color scheme is, you can feel confident about adding it to your kitchen. Chip resistant quartz makes for a beautiful and functional counter top that you don’t have to worry about.

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