Top 5 Durable Countertops for Commercial Construction

Lekarz w białym kitlu siedzi przy stole i przystawia pieczątkę do dokumentu. Ręce lekarza przystawiającego pieczątkę na recepcie. Lekarz wypisuje receptę przy biurku.Choosing the correct countertop for your business or office can be difficult since there are so many options. From traditional, polished marble to sleek, finished marble, there’s an array of materials to assess the pros and cons of and choose. So, whether you’re in need of custom countertops or interested in commercial countertop sales in Cumming, GA, you can’t go wrong with these five versatile and durable options.


There’s a reason polished natural granite is considered the go-to for home and business owners looking to improve their space’s overall aesthetic. A granite countertop defines dynamic beauty wherever you apply it. It also holds very well up to stains, bacteria, and heat when properly sealed, so be sure to do so annually.


Quartz is a versatile, man-made surface that’s available in a wide range of colors and hues. It’s an exceptionally durable, non-porous alternative to granite. Additionally, it resists heat, stains, water, and bacteria without sealing, making it very easy to care for and maintain.


If you prefer a dynamic, streaked countertop, quartzite is the stone for you. This is the hardest material available for commercial countertop surfacing. It may chip if you aren’t careful with it, but if given the proper care, it will outlast everything in your workspace. Like any other natural stone, though, quartzite requires maintenance and sealing to prevent staining.


With a typically dark gray color and smooth texture, a soapstone countertop can provide a traditional atmosphere to your building or office. Over time, its natural patina will further enhance a historical or antique appeal. As a popular alternative to granite, soapstone is hard and resistant to stain, although it can dent or chip easily. To keep a soapstone countertop looking great, you’ll have to treat it with mineral oil.


With their smooth finish and grey-toned veining, marble countertops are incredibly elegant and luscious. However, they’re more prone to scratching than granite or soapstone. They’re also considered the most porous natural countertops available. If you decide on a marble countertop, it will require regular sealing and care to ensure its creamy surface looks its best.

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