Custom vs Prefabricated Countertops: What to Choose?

Lovely kitchen room with kitchen islandStone countertops are a highly desired construction upgrade. Whether it’s granite, marble, quartz, or another type of stone, these materials are highly durable and add class and beauty to any space. When choosing stone countertop materials, you’ll be faced with more than just a huge variety of stones to choose from; you’ll also have to choose between custom countertops and prefabricated ones. So which is the right choice for your commercial countertops in Marietta, GA? Here are the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Prefabricated Countertops

Prefabricated stone countertops are made of the same high-quality materials as their customer counterparts. The only difference is that they were cut to certain standard dimensions before being delivered to the distributor. This means that they only come in specific sizes and shapes, so if you have an unusual space that you want to put your countertop, prefabricated counters might not even be an option.

However, if there is a prefabricated cut that fits your countertop needs, they’re a great option. Because the distributor doesn’t have to do any custom measuring and cutting of the slab, a prefabricated counter will usually cost you a bit less. Plus, installation is typically much quicker, saving you even more money.

Bear in mind that some suppliers carry mass-produced, low-quality countertops that are prefabricated in India or China. So make sure you take a look at their slabs before buying. Additionally, bear in mind that you may have limited color options when going this route.

Custom Countertops

When you purchase custom countertops, you have a lot more control over what you get. You can choose the color, thickness, and shape of your counters—but you’re going to pay a higher price tag for it. When going this route, you select the exact slab you want, then the distributor measures your space and does all the cutting to make the slab fit. This also gives your counters a seamless look, because they’ll be cut from a single slab.

There’s no right or wrong choice between prefab and custom commercial countertops in Marietta, GA. Give the professionals at Legacy Granite Countertops a call, and they’ll help you make the right decision.