Why White Granite Countertops Are so Popular

Across America, installing granite countertops is the most popular way to upgrade your kitchen. Elegant and incredibly durable, granite makes a lasting impression and can add tremendous value to your home’s resale value. Among granite suppliers in Roswell, perhaps no type of granite is more popular than white granite. Here are a few reasons why white granite is many people’s color of choice when it comes to their kitchen.

It’s Drop Dead Gorgeous

Nothing’s more striking than white granite. With styles ranging from a creamy ivory to a refined snow color, white granite brightens any kitchen and any home. The kitchen is where the family spends most of its time. Having white countertops puts everyone in a good mood, and provides an environment that creates an excellent atmosphere for greeting the day. Furthermore, due to the nature of granite, even the whitest of shades has little flecks and imperfections that make every countertop an individual work of art.

A More Spacious Kitchen

White granite has the effect of opening up the kitchen, and giving the illusion of increased space. The airy and warm feeling white granite creates is ideal for small kitchens, and even larger kitchens can benefit from the seeming increase in volume. In particular, kitchens with dark cabinets can feel slightly claustrophobic. White granite counteracts that impression.

They Match Practically Anything

White granite is incredibly versatile. Complimentary in nature, your new white granite countertops can work with modern or old fashion style kitchens. They look great with light or dark cabinetry, all different shades of floors, and fit in with the most modern types of appliances. Also, since white has been a fashionable color since the dawn of man, it will never go out of style.

Strength and Durability

Granite is incredibly resistant to damage or staining. If you keep your granite properly sealed, it will look as good in 10 years as the day you had it installed. Is there any other gleaming white substance where you can say the same thing?

Visit your local installer of granite countertops in Roswell, and see what type of white granite will work best for your kitchen.

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