Tips for Finding the Best Accessories for Your Granite Fireplace

granite fireplace A well-appointed granite fireplace can transform a room from something nice to something spectacular the same way marble countertops in Duluth can transform a kitchen or bathroom. Done right, it can make a room the centerpiece of a home, a gathering place and an amazing space to spend a quiet evening. No matter how incredible the granite work on the fireplace is, however, you must have the appropriate mantel to highlight the granite and the finished product. Here are a few suggestions.

What a Mantel Does

These frame your fireplace and draw the eye to the main attraction. If you have a family, a mantel can become a focal point during the holidays. As a part of a room, a mantel is a great resting place for adornments, pictures, decorations and drinks at the same time. Depending on the look you’re going for, matched to your fireplace, you have many options.


Wood: A solid hardwood mantel with a matching color can make your granite fireplace standout. For many people, wood is the most elegant mantel material and one of the most versatile because of its ability to be stained the right color. An appropriate wood grain pattern can also add additional depth to the fireplace and focus attention to the color and vibrancy of the granite.

Cast: A cast mantel is made of concrete and is able to be designed as simplistically or as complex as you want. It is hand cast to ensure consistency in drying. Cement fireplaces when polished can completely alter how a fireplace appears. The cast also allows for a lot of flexibility in design and form.

Because cement is not flammable, materials clearance requirements are moot. If housework is a concern, a cast mantel has very little maintenance costs beyond occasionally dusting. It also ages extremely well and because it is so versatile, it can remain a match to the fireplace and rest of the room for decades.

Marble and Granite: If you live in Duluth, marble and granite mantels are always a nice option. Matching the mantel to countertops throughout the house creates a uniform flow and elegance that is difficult to top. Both types of mantels are available in an array of colors, shades, textures and patterns. Clearance is not an issue as both marble and granite are fireproof. Both are incredibly easy to maintain and even do minor repairs on if it becomes necessary.

If you invested a lot into marble countertops in Duluth as well as in a granite fireplace, you cannot skimp on the mantel. Depending on the material you use for your mantel, you can make a statement that defines the room or defines the entire house.