Different Types of Kitchen Sinks

1626618_Legacy Granite Countertops_Different Types of Kitchen SinksWhen it comes to responsible homeownership, the renovations never seem to end. Fortunately, investing the time and money to renovate properly has long-term advantages that increase the property’s value. If you are in the market for a serious kitchen remodel, consider the following types of sinks you could have installed.

Sinks will, for the most part, either have single or double bowls/basins. Single basins are definitely the most common, but consider the extra utility of having a second basin. If you are looking for a compromise between the two, there is the option of a double basin with a low divider.

A different type of sink is called a farmhouse sink, or an apron front sink. This sink takes up a large portion of the counter, and reaches outward to the user for ease of access. Usually, this type goes well in kitchens that have a somewhat rustic aesthetic.

There are two types of mounting for kitchen sinks – top and under. The top mount is the most popular and easily installed of the two. You’ll notice this type sits slightly above your countertop. The under mount might be more difficult to install, but because it sits below the counter line, it’s considered to give up a more modern and sleek visual appeal.

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