Best Granite Countertop Options for a Classic Kitchen

Kitchen countertopWhen renovating your kitchen, countertop selection is important. The material you select for the countertops can set the tone for the new space, and will be constantly used for years. It’s a big decision, and there are nearly endless options to choose from.

Neutral Tones

For a timeless kitchen design, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors. If you’re looking for a classic white kitchen like the ones you see on Pinterest, a great choice is Bianca Romano granite. It works with white and neutral cabinets, and makes for a clean, elegant look. This stone can look traditional with warm white cabinets, or take on a farmhouse style with wood cabinets and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.

Absolute Black granite is also a safe choice for a modern look. The black stone contrasts beautifully with white cabinets and feels rustic when paired with wooden furniture. In Duluth, granite countertops have eternal appeal and will never go out of style. Making them a polished black just adds to the time-honored look.

Beach Vibes

Many classic, traditional kitchens are inspired by the ocean and the beach. That’s why Seafoam Green granite remains a popular pick. Its gray and green undertones portray an earthy feel, and match most wood tones in nature. This stone takes on a luxurious quality when paired with copper fixtures and is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Costa Esmerelda also works to give a kitchen a waterfront ambiance. The color, a mix of green and blue, is soft and goes with most neutral cabinet choices. Marble countertops in Duluth can be feminine and beautiful, but the right pick can also make a space feel masculine and comfortable. Costa Esmerelda is that pick, with a relaxed and warm look.

Granite countertops are the first step to creating your perfect classic kitchen. Whether your style is casual or traditional, the materials you choose will help make the atmosphere of your kitchen perfect for you.

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