How Kitchen Remodeling Can Increase Home Value

Even if you are not thinking of selling your home any time soon, every homeowner is concerned with the value of the investment they’ve made in a house. Most Realtors will tell you that the kitchen is the number one remodel that can add value to a home. If you are considering updating your cabinets or adding granite kitchen counter tops in Sandy Springs, here are a few reasons why remodeling your kitchen can be a solid investment.

Showpiece of the Home

There is no mystery why the kitchen is considered the heart of the house: considering the three meals a day, snacks, prep-time, and clean-up; a lot of living goes on in this room. For this reason, home buyers and appraisers look at the kitchen to get a sense of what it will be like to live in a house. If you are staging your house for an open house, there is no substitution for a well-coordinated kitchen with an attractive kitchen counter design in Sandy Springs, or anywhere around the country. People want a kitchen that will last and look attractive for years to come, so investing in a renovation can make a big difference in getting multiple offers.

Market Influence

When considering the value of your house, you need to keep in mind the relative values of the comparable homes in your area. If possible, it might also be a good idea to look at a few kitchens in open houses, especially if you are considering taking your house to the market. Knowing where you are in the housing market will also give you a general sense of the budget you should set for your renovation. Although counters and cabinets are almost always a good update, if you spend significantly more than what your home can sell for, you might actually take a loss on the renovation. By keeping the market in mind, you can ensure that your kitchen will make you stand out from the other homes in your area, increasing its relative value.

Return on Investment

Once you have considered the market, and made a reasonable budget, kitchen renovation gives the most reliable return on investment of any updated room, including master bathrooms. For most major remodels, there will likely be a high initial investment. However, an attractive kitchen has a positive impact on both your asking price and how long it takes to sell your home. There are many reasons, including poor choices in color scheme, that might influence how your renovation affects the value of your home. There is also no guarantee that you will recover the entire investment amount when you sell your home. Nevertheless, contacting a kitchen remodeling contractor in Sandy Springs is the best way to get an estimate on how much you would have to put into your kitchen to get the home, and the value you’re looking for.

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