5 Considerations before Buying Granite or Quartz Countertops

Kitchens and bathrooms are often the most remodeled and trafficked areas of the home. Understandably, people pay a lot of attention to their kitchen and bathroom countertops, not only due to appearance, but because those countertops often see a lot of messes, spills, and stains. If you’re looking to invest in new countertops for your home, you should remember these 5 considerations before buying granite or quartz countertops.

Uniformity or Uniqueness

Quartz is a manufactured stone, so it tends to be more uniform and have a variety of patterns available. Manufacturers are constantly trying to imitate the look of a natural stone like granite, but that’s still an ongoing process. Every slab of granite is unique because it is a natural stone. Even granite slabs cut from the same quarry won’t look the same.

Spills and Care

Quartz doesn’t require much maintenance. Whereas granite needs to be sealed upon initial installation and be resealed periodically thereafter, quartz requires to such treatments. However, both granite and quartz can chip, especially at the edges, and chips can only be repaired by a professional. Rounded edges can help avoiding chipping.

Stains and Durability

Granite is renowned for being one of the most durable and longest lasting countertops available, and it tends to resist stains. That’s especially true if you keep it sealed as recommended. Quartz, as a manufactured stone, may narrowly beat out granite in the overall durability department. It’s also stain resistant without needing to be sealed.

Cost and Installation

The initial cost of a granite or quartz countertop should be roughly comparable. After that the expense of granite can increase exponentially, whereas quartz prices tend to not inflate nearly as quickly. So, while quartz and granite are at first more or less equivalent for your budget, you can go just about as high as you want with granite costs.

Appearance and Beauty

This is obviously an area of contention. Granite countertops in Suwanee can come in a wide array of colors, shades, and patterns, as can quartz. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find a quartz countertop that can perfectly mimic natural stone. If you want the one-of-a-kind beauty that natural stone provides, you’ll have to remove quartz from consideration. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that quartz is less appealing or attractive.

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