Granite Kitchen Countertops vs. Quartz Kitchen Countertops

When considering your options for kitchen countertops, granite and quartz probably popped up frequently as popular choices. Both of these materials are increasingly common for good reason, since they are both beautiful, durable, and excellent for use in kitchen settings. Read on to learn about the similarities and differences between quartz and granite kitchen countertops in Duluth, and find out which materials will best meet your needs.


One of the primary differences between granite and quartz is how they are created. Granite is a naturally occurring stone that forms under pressure, while quartz is manmade and engineered in a lab.


When it comes to appearance, granite and quartz can be difficult to tell apart. Granite naturally comes in many different colors, textures, and patterns, and quartz is designed to imitate the look of natural stone. The coloration of quartz is more consistent, since no two slabs of granite will look exactly alike. Quartz can come in additional colors and patterns that do not occur in natural stone.

Durability and Function

The durability and functionality of granite and quartz are some of the main reasons people choose them so often. They are both resistant to heat, staining, water, scratching, and other common issues that come in a busy cooking space. Quartz is this way naturally, however, while granite needs to be properly sealed and re-sealed to maintain its durability. This process is simple and only needs to be done every year or two, but it should still be factored into your decision.

Other Considerations

Granite countertops in Duluth are considered a “greener” option due to fewer carbon emissions produced. As far as cost, the lower ends of both materials are pretty comparable, but high-end granite can cost more than high-end quartz. Neither material is always better or worse than the other for your kitchen, and the decision usually comes down to personal preference where appearance and maintenance are concerned.

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