How to Choose a Suitable Design for Kitchen Counters

Making the plunge on purchasing new countertops can be a difficult decision. Not only is the expense something to worry about, but the benefits and downfalls of different counter-tops are at play as well. When looking at different styles of countertops, you want to consider what all you actually do on your counters. You cook many different meals on these counters, especially for your children, so you want these countertops to be a reliable material with no chemicals present. Let’s have a look at some different countertops.


When cooking multiple things, many home chefs run into the challenge of not having enough oven space! When this happens, you’ll want to have a countertop that isn’t effected by heat. Quartz countertops offer the ability to rest hot pans on them without worrying about the damage that might be done. Quartz offers the benefit of natural shine without requiring a lot of maintenance.  In addition to heat resistance qualities, quartz is stain resistant as well. This means when you’re cooking 10 different things for your family’s Thanksgiving meal, you don’t have to pause between the chaos to clean up the little spills you created along the way. Quartz countertops are offered in a variety of shades and colors. The ability to pick the color of countertops is a large benefit in your decision making.


Granite offers the same reliability as quartz, which may be why the two are the most popular choices for countertops. A perk with granite countertops is the ability to see multiple different designs in the same type of stone. When picking a new countertop, granite is the most common choice homeowners make due to the style and price. Granite is a product that occurs naturally, so there are a wide variety of designs. That grants you the ability to match your countertop color to the color-scheme of your kitchen. This cannot always be achieved with other countertop materials. With granite countertops, you will want to clean up all spills, especially things like grease, acid, wine, or anything sticky, within a timely manner.


Laminate countertops resemble more popular choices such as granite or wood, but for much less cost than you would pay for the actual materials. At a glance, laminate granite-style countertops look like a spitting image of real granite, wood, or even quartz. A perk of laminate countertops is the ability to choice a design that doesn’t look like the traditional countertop choices. You are able to pick from a multitude of colors and designs in order to match your kitchen’s style perfectly. Laminate countertops are not heat resistant or stain resistant. You will need to clean the counters on a regular basis, and keep extreme heat off of them.

When considering a new kitchen counter design in Cumming, it’s important to consider function as well as fashion. With so many varieties of countertops to consider, every homeowner can find the perfect granite kitchen countertops in Cumming.

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