Granite Kitchen Countertops – 5 Popular Color Options

Whether you’re remodeling or moving into a brand new home, you know that your kitchen is one of the main centers of your home and your family life. People in Atlanta love to entertain, and this central element is a great way to express yourself to your guests and provide a peek into your personality and style. Naturally, a big part of this is going to be the color. The color palette of your kitchen and your granite countertops are going to make a big statement. So what sort of statement do you want your granite kitchen countertops to make? Here are five color options that can help you send precisely the message that you want.


Gray granite might not be one of the most exotic granite colors available, but it’s a classic in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Because granite is formed naturally, the veining, backgrounds and overall texture and color can vary quite a bit, but there are some popular choices available that offer a wide variety of decorating and complimentary options. Grey Pearl, Silver Cloud, and Luna Pearl are all excellent choices, depending upon how dark or light, rich or vibrant you want your kitchen to be. White Leopard is a bit more contemporary, and it’s a great choice for a more modern look.


Do you like to vary and change-up your style constantly? Are you already planning to redecorate just days after you’ve finished redecorating? If you enjoy reinventing and reimagining your home, beige is an excellent choice. It accommodates a wide variety of other colors, style, textures, and options to be mixed and matched to make a very malleable backdrop for whatever you can invent. With options like Colonial Cream, Giallo Ornamentale, or Giallo Santo, beige doesn’t have to be boring, and with the right complimentary options, it can make for a grand statement.


There’s nothing as classic nor quite as chic as black. Obviously, with the right lighting, fixtures, and accents, you can turn your black granite countertops into a fantastic choice, whether you want something clean and sleek or raw and rustic. Whether your prefer one of the many varieties of Absolute Black, Impala Black, Black Galaxy, or Titanium, you can blend it into your broader style choices very easily.


Are you looking for exotic granite colors? Are you looking for something less classic and more out of the ordinary? You might be surprised, but green granite countertops could be precisely what you’ve been looking for. If you want something with tropical flare, natural appeal, exotic luster, or royal sensibilities, green granite can deliver what you want. There’s a flavor for whatever you fancy, from Amazonia Granite or a classic Emerald Green to Verde Butterfly or Peacock Green, you can find something that works for you.


Is black not rich enough? Is green not bold enough? Red might be what suits you best. From the righteousness of Royal Red to the commanding presence of Imperial Red or the natural, fiery luster of Sunset Red, nothing manages to make quite as impressive and decisive a commanding statement as red granite countertops. It might be a bolder choice than some people want, but if bold and daring is what you desire, red granite is certainly an excellent option.

Obviously, no one can decide the right granite countertop color for your kitchen and your home except you, but these five popular color options should help you get started. There’s no wrong choice. It’s just a matter of making the right choice for you.