Restoring the Shine of Your Marble Countertops

When you get granite composite countertops, you’re getting counters that will last. Unfortunately, most counters are exposed to a number of substances and conditions over the course of their use that leaves them looking duller and more faded. The good news is that marble can shine again with the right care. You just need to put in the time and effort. Here are some ways you can restore that shine in your marble countertops.

Professional Care

If you want to restore your granite countertops in Suwanee, you’re most likely to get the best results if you hire a professional to do the job for you. Look for reviews of contractors in your area until you find one that’s experienced, professional, and has good customer service. As with any other type of contractor, the important thing is to find someone who is good at communicating with his clients and does what he says he’s going to. Besides having experience on your side, you’ll also have access to someone who has all the tools you might need for the job.

Polishing Kit

If you don’t want to hire a contractor but don’t want to try to figure out all the right cleaning products yourself, you can always buy a kit to help you along. You may need to provide your own rags or sponges, but these kits provide all the products you need to get your counter to shine again. This kit will generally contain some kind of polishing compound, stone sealer, and a few tools along with instructions. As with any polishing, you have to clean the counter off and then completely dry it before you begin. Then you polish the counter with the compound, often with a tool such as a felt wheel. Always remember that if you use any kind of compound on your counters, that’s not specially formulated, you’ll start to get residue building up on the surface of your counter. After you finish applying the compound, you should let it dry and clear it off before moving on to the sealing stage. This sealing will help protect your countertop in the future.

Doing It Yourself

If you want to shine your marble countertop without a kit, you need to clean off the counter first, using a non-abrasive sponge and a mild cleaner or dish soap. Dry and buff it by polishing a chamois cloth in circles all over the surface. If you have stains, you can remove them either with a poultice of baking soda or with 2 tablespoons ammonia and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide. Spread your poultice over the stain, cover it for a while and scrape and wash it up when you’re done. Sometimes, your counter may even need sanding, so make sure you keep the counter wet while you work. You can also fill in cracks and scratches with a marble-polishing paste at this point. If you want to learn more about marble countertops in Suwanee and their upkeep, contact the professionals at Legacy Granite Countertops today to learn how to get a countertop in the best condition possible.