Marble Countertops: Getting the Most out of Your Big Investment

Marble countertops are a huge investment, but a worthy one. While marble can be a delicate choice for kitchens — they can stain easily, and require occasional maintenance –their undeniable beauty and classic intrigue makes them a supreme style choice. Marble bathroom countertops fare better, but they nonetheless expect a bit of care out of you. Of course, if you follow these tips to get the most out of your investment, you’ll have a better experience with your countertops, and be able to show their best side for many years. 

Experts on marble and quartz countertops (and all things luxury surfaces) recommend these tips for anyone who currently has or is interested in marble countertops. 

Seal First

Marble countertops should be sealed before you even think about using them for the first time. While marble is a natural stone quarried under the earth, enduring hundreds of pounds of pressure and even intense heat, marble is nonetheless a fairly delicate stone. That’s because it’s naturally porous, or has tiny holes that absorb liquids and bacteria, which makes it vulnerable to stains. Many types of natural stone including granite kitchen countertops are prone to staining without a well-maintained sealant.

Marble needs to be sealed properly every 1 to 2 years to prevent scratches, stains, etching, and dings. There are specific products designed to seal marble and protect it from everyday wear and tear. Retailers of luxury surfaces like marble countertops and quartzite kitchen countertops should even be able to seal the surface for you.

Clean Daily

You should take care to clean your marble surfaces on a daily basis, even if they look clean. Subtle water rings and other residue can eventually lead to etching or conspicuous marks where acids have deteriorated the stone. Clean your marble surfaces with mild soap and a non-abrasive pad every single day.

Take care of spills right away before a stain sets. Before and after food preparation in your kitchen, clean your marble countertops thoroughly.

Decorate with Restraint

Minimalism is in nowadays, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Leave marble surfaces mostly untouched, and let the classically gorgeous natural stone speak for itself. It’s what you paid for, after all! If you want to decorate, do so with restraint. Just a few pieces here and there, like a vase of flowers or some soft towels, will do. Keep clutter on decorative trays to keep things looking nice and neat and to keep makeup, coffee, or other harsh chemicals off the marble. 

Use Protective Materials

Cutting boards are a must to keep knife edges off your marble. Always use a solid cutting board and wipe up the surface underneath after you’re done to keep acids from fruits and vegetables off the marble. Use pads between hot pots or pans and the marble. If you wash dishes by hand, use a dish rack to keep sharp utensils off the marble. For bathroom countertops, put a towel down on the surface before you put on makeup. Makeup can stain marble if you’re not careful. Finally, keep spices in a rack or on a decorative tray. Some spices can leave acidic and/or brightly colored residue on your countertops. 

For more advice on caring for marble countertops from Duluth, or to shop for low-maintenance alternatives like quartz kitchen countertops, visit Legacy Granite Countertops in stores or online. 

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