2019 Countertop Trends for Professional Kitchens

The last year has been filled with unexpected surprised in the kitchen design industry. New color palettes and countertop materials in Sandy Springs, GA, are changing the landscape for restauranteurs in 2019. Keep reading to learn more about the latest industry trends from the professionals at Legacy Granite Countertops.    

Mix-and-Match Countertops

Another popular trend you can expect to see in 2019 is the concept of mix-and-match countertops. Stainless steel has dominated the restaurant industry for decades because of its durability and resistance to bacteria. When it comes to aesthetics, however, other countertop materials like marble and butcher’s block are very appealing. Why not have both?

With the mix-and-match trend, you can incorporate the warmth of butcher’s block into your kitchen. Wood is a popular countertop material among barbeque enthusiasts and chefs because of its grip; food doesn’t slip around while you’re trying to cut it and gentler on your cutlery. Marble is must for professionals bakers and it goes great next to stainless steel or glass surfaces. By incorporating different surfaces into your kitchen, whether it’s in your restaurant or your home, you’ll increase the functionality and versatility of your kitchen as well as the value of your property. Mix-and-match surfaces will also add aesthetic appeal to your restaurant and bar.

Cabinetry and Hardware

Your choice of cabinetry and hardware is just as important as your countertop surfaces. Hardware like handles and drawer pulls are not just about functionality; they’re also a reflection of your business and your personal style. Several new trends are making their way into the cabinet industry including the continuation of the minimalist modern style. For a sleek, modern look, cabinet and drawers now come with recessed handles or cut-out holes. Indents along the base of a cabinet door or top of a drawer are another way to increase functionality without sacrificing style. Bump-out drawers are another alternative to tradition handles; just apply pressed with a hand or even a foot to the face of the drawer and it will open on its own.

The seamlessness of these modern handles can help increase productivity, especially in a bustling restaurants kitchen. Another new trend has also appeared in recent months seemingly in direct opposition to the minimalist movement. This trend evokes an old world feel using leather straps and rings instead of the traditional metal handle. Expect to see a clash of old world versus modern minimalism in the kitchen design industry next year.

Countertop Colors

For the last few years, the minimalist style has also dominated color palettes in the countertop industry. White granite and marble have been the most popular choices for countertop colors because of their modern appeal. However, change is in the wind and experts predict a shift from light to dark in 2019. Already black and dark brown are making a comeback thanks to manufacturers like Cosentino and their Silestone quartz line. A few surprises have also made their way up the trends list like dark blue and even purple. This is likely in response to Pantone naming “Ultra Violet” color of the year for 2018. This industry-wide shift towards dark and unusual shades is expected to take off in 2019. If you’re thinking about remodeling your professional kitchen next year, ask the experts at Legacy Granite Countertops about custom commercial countertops in Sandy Springs, GA.

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