Making Your Restaurant Kitchen Stand Out this Year

Most food establishments spend a great deal of money focusing on the dining area of their restaurants. When it comes to kitchen design, they tend to be more functional than inspiring. But today’s top commercial kitchen designers balance function with layouts that not only enhance the cuisine but allow your restaurant to stand out from the crowd. Countertop suppliers in Cumming, GA, offer the perfect type of commercial countertop your business needs.  

Open Kitchen Concepts

Television cooking shows and their celebrity chef hosts have created a new population of armchair food connoisseurs. Top restaurant designers are recognizing that trend by bringing the kitchen out from behind closed doors into the open, where diners not only enjoy a fabulous meal but watch its creation. These new designs run the gamut, from cozy vintage to elegant modern. The food preparation space is open and visible to those seated in the restaurant.

Combinations of slate gray or black granite countertops over rich, dark wood cabinets, surrounded by brick walls and copper metal accents offer a warm invitation for guests to become a part of their dining experience instead of being a casual observer. Commercial countertop suppliers can provide a variety of options to help you create a beautiful space.

Ergonomic and Efficient

Fewer steps from one point to another in the kitchen add to the efficiency of any kitchen. Today’s restaurant kitchen designs demand increased efficiency to not only enhance the bottom line but also to create a safer, more comfortable workspace. A variety of countertops are constructed providing plenty of space for food prep as well as tabletop appliances.

Durability is key, and many designers are implementing quartz countertops into their kitchen concepts. Quartz doesn’t chip easily, is extremely long-lasting, is heat-resistant, and is available in a wide variety of color options that adapt to any type of decor or restaurant theme. It has a clean, crisp, contemporary look to it, so quartz beautifully enhances stainless steel, wood, bright colors, and a host of other concepts. It creates a beautiful, unique kitchen design with a clean, inviting appeal.

Functional, Classical Elegance

Bakers have long appreciated marble countertops. Marble not only maintains a constant temperature but it also helps absorb the heat from the dough. For centuries, marble has been recognized as the perfect surface for home and professional cooks. It resists scratches and cracking, making it durable for even the busiest professional kitchen. Transform your classic workspace into an exceptional one by adding unique edge profiles to marble countertops.

Bakeries combined with coffee or sandwich shops are a trending design for commercial establishments. Professional-grade kitchens with brick interiors, durable ceramic-tiled floors, and marble-topped islands and countertops offer an elegant but inviting old-world feel, while also creating a functional workspace that can hold up to the rigors of a modern-day restaurant.

Other Kitchen Design Trends

Terrazzo walls and floors are expected to be a major trend for both home kitchens and commercial ones. A popular flooring in art deco-style buildings in the 1920s through the 1940s, this durable material is experiencing a renewed appreciation. Custom commercial countertops are also trending, allowing businesses to create a unique kitchen that allows for efficient workflow and beautiful style.

Legacy Granite Countertops offers both home and commercial countertop sales. Please visit our website to view our selection of granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite countertops available in a wide selection of colors and designs. Or, call for a consultation with one of our experienced designers about your commercial countertops in Cumming, GA.

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