Guide to Taking Care of Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are gorgeously shiny and colorful and are one of the most popular materials used in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. They’re also a big investment. While you can certainly find discount granite countertops, when you pay for quality surfaces, you want to protect your investment. In other words, you want to take care of your granite countertops, so they’ll last for many years. All it takes is a little TLC. Even though granite is naturally capable of resisting damage, it’s by no means invincible.

Here are some simple tips for homeowners on how to care for your granite countertops, protect them from common damage, and keep them looking crystalline and beautiful.

Daily Cleaning

To clean your countertops, take a lint-free cloth and dampen it with clean water. Then, wipe down the countertops, taking care to sweep up any crumbs. Any buildup, such as spilled lotion in the bathroom or sticky food residue in the kitchen, should come off with a gentle scrub and warm water. Don’t use a scraper or scouring pad on your countertops as it can scratch them. Then, dry off the countertops to protect their shine. It’s important not to leave your countertops wet. They can get streaky and the standing water can attract mold. 

You should wash and rinse the cloth used to clean your countertops and then hang it to dry. If it sits wet or goes through many cleaning sessions without being cleaned itself, you’ll just be spreading grime and germs all over your countertops.

Stain Removal

Do you notice a stain on your countertops? Thankfully, granite is so diverse in color and pattern that stains are usually hard to notice. But if you do find stains and want to remove them, there are solutions. First, try baking soda and water, then baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. These homemade solutions can remove stain-causing oils and acids. Gently rub the solution over the stain, let it sit overnight, and then wipe it up in the morning. Then, follow the steps above to clean and dry the area again.

Damage Prevention

Take care to prevent damage to your granite countertops. Always use cutting boards to protect the surface from sharp objects and use trivet pads to protect them from heat. Avoid bleaching your countertops or using glass cleaner near them. Never let nail polish remover or other harsh beauty chemicals spill on the surface. If this happens, wipe it up immediately. Then, after about a day or so, follow the stain removal instructions above. Even granite composite countertops can be stained by harsh chemicals. Granite composite countertops are made from real granite stone mixed with resins for ultra-durability, so these may be a good option for those who want a natural granite look but are concerned about stains. 

Finally, have your countertops resealed often. Granite suppliers in Suwanee can recommend the appropriate times to reseal the surface and can perform this task right in your home. Call Legacy Granite Countertops at 678-867-0100 for all your care questions and to learn more about granite countertops including cost and style options. You can also visit our website at to check out our new Kitchen and Bathroom visualizers!