Innovative Countertop Designs for Your Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to creating the ultimate outdoor kitchen, nothing beats the look and functionality of natural stone. Granite, marble, and quartz are great for most outdoor applications, each with their own unique features and colors. How do you decide which material to use for your outdoor kitchen design? At Legacy Granite Countertops, you’ll find a wide selection of stone slabs in a variety of colors to match your design style. Their state of the art laser cutting system can create the perfect shape with a customized edge that will complement your new kitchen. Keep reading to learn more about the latest materials and design ideas for outdoor kitchens from the professionals at Legacy Granite Countertops.


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Granite is by far the best choice for an outdoor countertop material because of its natural durability. Compared to marble or quartz, granite is the hardest countertop material, impervious to scratching and chips. When it comes to weathering the elements, granite can withstand full sunlight without the fear of UV damage and color fading. You don’t have to worry about staining from foods like tomato or wine because granite is virtually non-porous. Regular treatments of sealant will ensure a vibrant look for years to come.


By comparison, marble is not as hard as granite but that coveted milky white color make is one of the most popular choices for indoor and outdoor countertops. Yearly applications of sealant are required for this stone if you want to increase its resistance against the elements, or you can opt for the honed look. Honed marble will camouflage scratches and etching while still giving you that clean, elegant look. Rough or rounded edges will also help soften the look of this stone, making it adaptable to a variety of home design styles.


Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself one material. One of the most popular trends in the kitchen design industry right now is to incorporate a variety of materials into your kitchen. For example, stainless steel is perfect for people who love to cook because, like granite, is impervious to wear and tear and resistance to stains and bacteria. Stainless steel looks great when paired with white marble. For a warmer look, consider a kitchen island made of butcher’s block alongside brown or grey granite. Incorporating different surfaces increases the functionality of your kitchen as well as its visual aesthetics.


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