Granite – The Best Choice for Busy Kitchens

Granite ChoicesGranite has a look and feel that makes it a great choice for any kitchen countertop. The way the colors of the stone play against light from other areas of the kitchen creates a beauty like no other surface. But, maybe you’re not as interested in beauty as much as practicality. Large families, foodies, and even chefs considering granite countertops in Sandy Springs need function as much as they do form in their busy home kitchens. For folks seeking durability, granite is hard to beat. Here’s why:

Chip, Crack, and Abrasion Resistance

Granite is one of the hardest substances on the planet. Originating from molten lava, it’s strong and tough enough to serve as the base of the Statue of Liberty.  So, naturally granite countertops are extremely resistant to chips and cracks by nature. Since it’s so hard, you may be tempted to use it as a cutting board. However, this is not advisable. The granite will be fine, since it resists abrasion so well.  The blades of your knives, on the other hand, won’t hold up well to it at all!

Easy to Clean

While durability is important, busy kitchens need a surface that cleans easily. Granite countertops clean up with soap and water and don’t require any hard scrubbing that other surfaces might. Its smooth, polished, even surface also makes cleanup easy. After cooking a meal, the last thing you want to do is spend time trying to get stains out of a surface. Granite countertops have a wipe-and-go efficiency that makes mealtime easier.

Stain Resistant

Granite resists stains well. If sealed on an annual basis, granite resists stains extremely well. Sealing is a simple process that takes only about 15 minutes and requires nothing more than a spray bottle, sealant, and a few rags. That’s less time than it takes to clean an oven and it doesn’t require nearly as much elbow grease!

Heat Resistant

Because it’s essentially molten lava that has been compressed over time, granite resists heat extremely well. Warm pots and pans won’t harm it. Heat resistance also adds another layer of efficiency for a busy kitchen. No longer do you have to stop and grab a towel to buffer the heat between a hot pan and the counter. Simply lay that hot pan down where you need to on the granite and move on to the next thing.

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