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Getting the Look of Marble with Quartz Countertops

Quartz CounterIt’s not exactly a secret that homeowners love marble. Many people think nothing else can match the classic beauty and timeless appearance of marble countertops. They’re so convinced that they might not even look at other options. Fortunately, countertops have come a long way over the years, and there are a lot of choices available. For many homeowners, quartz countertops in Marietta provide the same beauty you’d expect from marble but without the frustration or price tag.

Transforming Your Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Granite CountertopsThe kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you prepare home-cooked meals, entertain your guests, and start each day off right. So shouldn’t your kitchen be styled to impress? Some features improve the comfort and elegance of your kitchen and top it all off with daily practicality. These include smart lighting schemes, durable appliances, and pristine cabinetries.

Pairing Quartz Countertops With Oak Cabinets

White coutnertops with gray cabinetsQuartz countertops are definitely a good match for oak wood cabinets. They’re both elegant and timeless materials that make a beautiful addition to your kitchen interior. Here are some pairing ideas you can apply to your own cooking area.

The Difference Between Marble and Quartz Countertops

Marble CountertopGreat countertops can make a kitchen or bathroom truly shine. Good countertops will immediately attract the eye and make an impact. Best of all, great countertops are practical for everyday use, whether you’re an avid home cook or want a more luxurious place to start your day. 

Two of the most common and highest-end countertops materials are marble and quartz. Which of these two is right for your home counters? Here are the differences between marble and quartz countertops.

The Difference Between Classic and Exotic Granite

The look of classic granite countertops is just that: classic. However, exotic granite countertops are gaining popularity these days. These types of countertops vary in looks, composition, and cost.

Maintaining Your White Marble Countertops

Sink with white marble countertopFew natural countertop materials can rival the pristine classic beauty of white marble. Long the choice of classical sculptors and builders, white marble is workable stone than can be easily shaped while maintaining heat resistance. That’s one reason, along with the beauty of its appearance, that white marble countertops are still coveted in kitchens today. Despite their durability, however, you must take care when maintaining your marble countertops to avoid scratching or discoloration. If not properly sealed, marble can absorb colors and odors from common foods and beverages. If not properly maintained, they can easily become scratched and damaged.

Upgrading Your Bathroom Vanity with Quality Countertops

Bathroom SinkBathroom vanities are actually some of the most important–and frequently used–pieces of furniture in your home. So make sure that every bathroom vanity in your home looks its best. Hang a beautiful mirror on the wall, be selective with your choices of amenities to display, and install high-quality materials like great stone countertops.

Read on to learn about the importance of great countertops for any bathroom vanity.

Things You Shouldn’t Do to Quartz Countertops

Beautiful quartz countertops in kitchenQuartz is a natural, crystalline mineral with many uses, including jewelry and electronics. In interior design, quartz is the name for a beautiful construction material prized for countertops. There are many different color and pattern variations available. Quartz can be as affordable as granite if obtained from the right supplier, who can help you find the best brand and style to suit your budget. If you reside in Marietta, quartz countertops are much easier to find than you might think, and here are some things you shouldn’t do if you have them in your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you already own quartz countertops or plan to have them installed in your home, read on to find out how to maintain the look and integrity of your quartz countertop.

Cambria Quartz Countertops: The Right Choice for Your Kitchen

QuartzIf you’re looking for an excellent way to upgrade your kitchen countertops, look no further than Cambria quartz. Quartz is a lovely, engineered stone designed to have many benefits and almost no drawbacks. Its durability and low-maintenance design are unsurpassed, so read on to learn about why you should choose quartz for your next kitchen countertops.

Choosing the Right Natural Stone for Bathroom Countertops

Nice Bathroom CounterIf you’re designing or renovating your home bathrooms, you need to find a surface material for your countertops that can stand up to daily use. Some traditional materials like laminate and ceramic tile surfaces don’t quite do the trick. They can accrue damage fairly easily, making you wish you hadn’t made that investment. But fear not — there is another option that is vastly superior: natural stone countertops. Read on to learn more about these amazing materials that will elevate your bathroom’s form and function!